27th of November, 2016

By Tania Kanaan

white shipping container, with boisterous music and the sweet aroma of rose water in the air, are just some of the signs to know when the Knafeh Bakery is in town .  To confirm look  within the container to find some dancing bearded bakers, handing out the humble middle Eastern dessert ‘Knafeh’ to smiling customers. In a gipsie like fashion they move from suburb to suburb every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night and are located in a different part of Australia each week. img_3499

Ameer El-Issa and his co-founder brother Joey, introduced the concept of a food container to share their mother’s special Knafeh recipe to multicultural Australia. 

The middle eastern desert has become “the desert you have to try” emphasises regular customer Fred Ishac. Knafeh is a Middle Eastern sweet warm cheese or cream dessert, topped with pistachios and with sugar syrup and with the special ingredient of “love” laughs Ameer. 

Although it is one simple desert the “experience itself is far from simple”, explains customer Jessica Nguyen. Ameer combined his love for architecture and hospitality and therefore the birth of the unique Knafeh container was born. The families knafeh recipe was originally shared with their customers at their family’s cafe ‘Shisha Bar and Grill’ in Croydon Park. 

The special recipe is created by Ameer’s mum, Nabila. He explains that they could no longer keep up with the request for the increasingly popular desert. Ameer told Ecrire Media that “our idea has been able to portray Middle Eastern people in a different way to how people are used to seeing us in the media.”

Since their 2014 launch, the El-Issa family continue to grow both nationally and internationally. Ameer explains that they will launch more Knafeh locations as part of their future plans, and have already established one in New York. Ameer reflects, “we want people to enjoy a unique experience when they come and visit the Knafeh bakery.”


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