Owner of Star Anise Organic Wholefoods and Broth Bar & Larder, Soulla Chamberlain gave up her career as a corporate lawyer in order to fulfil her passion for health and nutrition. She has a deep desire to guide, educate and enlighten others about the significance of incorporating traditional wholefoods throughout their day to day routine, particularly focusing on balancing the 8 epigenetic/lifestyle factors that profoundly influence our health.

Following her many hours of research and readings, she has been able to combine both her beliefs with scientific research to build herself up to where she is today. She draws on many sources, which have both a scientific and historical foundation about health and nutrition. As a direct result, many of her workshops and strategies are based on the core importance of eating nutritionally dense wholefoods. She informs her clients on ways to incorporate these nutritious elements into their diet. For instance, she surprisingly incorporates beef broth cubes in smoothies and ice blocks!


She has always had a childhood interest and passion for living a healthy lifestyle and as time passed she felt as though it was indeed her true life calling. She now educates others, in order to assist them in also living a healthy lifestyle. Chamberlain explains, “When robust science marries up with ancient traditions, this is where I get excited!”  You will never guess that Chamberlain is self-taught, as she is very informed and passionate about the knowledge she has inhaled about health and nutrition over the years.

Her business Star Anise Organic Wholefoods started as a result of wanting to find nutritious wholesome food such as kombucha, raw treats and broth for her family. However, at the time it was not as popular as it is now and it was much more difficult to find in stores. Therefore Chamberlain began making wholesome food for her own family from home and then soon realised that there was a demand for it from other mothers as well. “I thought well if I want this for my family, surely there are other mothers out there wanting the same thing too.” She then started to share some recipes and food with her friends and it quickly had a ripple effect as they would then tell their friends about it. Soon there was quite a demand for her products and she explains that “desperation breeds creativity!” She started making all of the food at home herself and started up cooking classes because people wanted more knowledge about the food, which she was making.

All of Star Anise Organic Wholefood’s products are made artisanally at Broth Bar & Larder. Chamberlain covers many topics in her workshops. Some of her topics include; Bone broth, Slow cooked meals, Fermentation, Organ meats, Raw meats, Breakfast, School lunches, Chocolate, Gluten-free cakes, Dips sauces and dressings, Fussy eaters, Junk free birthday catering and 10-minute meals. She also occasionally delves into topics such as Fascia release with a Personal Trainer, Foot massage workshop with a body worker and Essential oils workshops. She emphasises the significance of the 8 epigenetic/lifestyle factors which all play a vital role in our health. These factors embrace nutrition, hydration, movement, stress management, breath, social connection, sleep and nature.


“The diet is the low hanging fruit and it’s really what we can control the most because we make that choice 3 times a day.” She emphasises the importance of passing on knowledge to others and educating children, she explains “my children always turn the product around and check the ingredients before asking to buy it.” She strongly advises mothers to take the time to gain a greater understanding of the 8 foundations of health. “Juggling 8 balls in the air is hard, however, I will be conscious that if one falls on the floor then the other foundations of health are being looked after.”

She provides Ecrire Media with some tips on how to deal with sugar cravings and which questions to ask yourself when shopping!

“If you are getting sugar cravings, ask yourself why? Perhaps you have had a lack of sleep, have not had enough root vegetables, or fats from natural sources.” Some of her personal quick sugar fixes include raw treats made with plenty of natural fats and a nutrient dense hot chocolate, which includes raw cacao powder and whole milk.

She advises people to ask themselves the following questions when they are shopping.

“Where did this come from? What has been done to it? Is it in substance organic? Are the eggs pastured? Is the red meat grass fed? Is the fish wild caught? This is why you have to have a good relationship with your supplier!” Customer, Lilly Richardson says, “I just love going to Broth Bar & Larder. I always feel like I have done good for my body afterwards.”


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*Disclaimer: None of the above information should be taken as medical advice. Always seek medical expertise. Each individual may react differently to different diets and food advice.*

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